Jeanne Bliss
President & Co-founder
Customer Bliss & CXPA
Jeanne's singular mission for over 35 years has been the transformation of companies through customer experience. First as the inaugural Chief Customer Officer at Lands' End, Coldwell Banker, Allstate and Microsoft Corporations. Then since 2002, guiding over 20,000 global leaders to understand that improving lives should be their most important strategic vision.

Jeanne is considered the pioneer of the Chief Customer Officer role, and an architect of the customer experience movement. She has led companies to earn 98-percent loyalty rates, across 50,000 person organizations.

Jeanne is also the author of four best-selling books and cofounder of the Customer Experience Professionals Association. She is fondly known as the "Godmother" of customer experience.

She helps leaders and organizations build the roadmap toward deep and genuine customer experience that creates lasting memory and earns passionate advocates both inside and outside of your business.

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Jeanne Bliss